Video Production Services in Indianapolis

Use the most compelling videos for your online marketing campaigns with QBall Digital’s video production services in Indianapolis and Carmel. Our simple yet effective videos are excellent for your social media page, website, YouTube channel, or anywhere else on the web. Our complete services include everything from conceptualization to post-production and even includes drone video and photography (and yes, we are licensed by the FAA.)

The Advantages of Using Video

As the world moves towards more digitalization and into the internet, the appeal of multimedia content is also becoming increasingly important, especially for businesses. The level of engagement that a short 1-min video can even rival that of a well-researched and well-written 2,000-word article. This is because videos are able to engage more senses than plain text.

The speed of the delivery of information is also important, here. Everyone is now leading busy lives. Videos take this into account and pack a lot of details into relatively short time investments.

In terms of online marketing, it’s hard to find a tool that can convey a message better than videos.

The Applications of Video Marketing

Videos can be used for anything from company introductions to event invitations to promo mechanics. This is one of the reasons this versatile medium has become a staple for digital marketing.Here are a few examples of where you may want to use videos:
  • Event Highlights – Just finished a successful corporate event? Relive the highlights using video that’s shot and edited flawlessly. These kinds of videos not only please the event participants, but they also attract prospects.
  • Promotional – Are you planning on launching a new product? A fun and short video discussing what’s fresh will reach more people who will be very interested in your new goods.
  • Vlogging – Not all videos need to be transactional or asking your audience to hire or buy from you. You can also create valuable video content that will offer insights into your specific field. This will not only increase your following but also establish your brand as an expert.
  • Reviews – Videos that have your satisfied clients swearing by your product or service can arguably do more for your brand than many other digital marketing strategies. The modern consumer loves consulting reviews and testimonials before making their purchase, and with yours in video form, you can expect tons of views.

The Way We Deliver Excellent Videos

Here is a general description of our process of providing our clients with excellent video content:
  • Pre-production – Planning is key to an outstanding video. Without the right plan, it can be very difficult to shoot actual footage.
  • Production – Whether on location or in studio, our team has a wealth of experience directing these videos and helping you bring out the best in your business.
  • Post-production – Editing is incredibly important in video content. Here we add special touches that add quality to your videos, making them more credible and engaging.
  • Delivery – After we’ve agreed on the final video, we can send it to you in a variety of formats. We can even upload them to your chosen online social media.

Drone Photography and Video

QBall Digital has an FAA Part 107 license that allows us to shoot drone photography and video for businesses. Allow us to showcase your business from the air. We have high-quality, 4K drones to create professional videos that look great on 4K TVs and devices. See the Riverview Health video below to see our drone skillz!

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Sample Videos

Riverview Health Drone Video
PureAir Environmental
Ben's BBQ Shack
Starcrest Cleaners
Eye Surgeons of Indiana