Case Study: Healthcare Industry

Case Study: Healthcare Industry

One of our very first clients at QBall Digital was a medical facility in Indianapolis. Upon our initial analysis, we realized that there were three areas that were setting this facility back:
  • Search Engine Results
  • Online Reviews
  • Google PPC Ads
Here is how QBall Digital focused on these three areas and the results that were achieved over the following year-and-a-half.

Search Results

Where you show up in a Google search result is crucial to your business. Nothing is more critical that optimizing your business’ search results to ensure that you show up on page one for important keywords to your industry. Before we started working with this medical group, they only had six keywords showing up on page one of Google, and half of those were at the bottom of the page. We went to work immediately and focused on their top 20 keywords. Through a combination of on-site management, backlink building, and directory listings, we were able to get 22 keywords onto page one within a year-and-a-half! 20 of those keywords are now showing up in the top 3 positions. Needless to say, visits to their site has spiked, more than doubling where they were just 18 month prior. Their patient count has grown considerably, as well.


No one trusts a business with poor reviews and that goes triple for doctors who have a handful of bad reviews! While our medical group didn’t have a terrible Google review rating (4.2 stars) they only had a few number of reviews (10 total.)  Within a couple of weeks, their patients were being asked to leave reviews after their procedures using our proprietary software program. In the year-and-a-half that they’ve been using our system, they grew their Google reviews to an astounding 260+ reviews with an average star rating of 4.8! Most reviews that they have received over this time have been 5-star reviews. They’ve also increase their Facebook reviews to 191 total! Now, who would you trust more: the doctors with 10 reviews and a 4.2 rating, or 450+ total reviews and a 4.8?

Google Search Ads

A lot of people think that, just because your business is showing up on page one of a Google search, that you don’t have to buy ads on Google. Oh, contraire! There are only 10 organic positions available on page one of Google, and usually half of those results are directory sites or pages like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WebMD. The first four positions that you typically see on a Google search are ads, followed by the map pack. One must scroll through 2 screen positions just to see the organic listings. That is where Google Ads comes in, and our group was smart enough to begin a Google ads strategy. They were frustrated that their competitors were showing up when you entered our medical groups name, above their organic listing! We went to work and began competing for those paid clicks to their web site. Not only were we able to demonstrate a huge increase in clicks, and visits to their site, but the number of phone calls to their office also increased dramatically. The icing-on-the-cake: they’re now showing up at the top of the search results when someone Google a competitor’s name!

We Can Help Your Healthcare Business

Let us employ our proven tactics for the healthcare industry for your medical group. If you would like to speak to our clients directly, we will gladly give you their contact info. They have agreed to validate our success. Contact Us via our form on this site or call us at 317.696.1916. We look forward to helping your business compete in 2021!