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Targeted Branding

Utilizing people's search history, social activity, context and geography, we can target consumers at the right place and time. Matching shoppers with sellers is what we do.

Targeted Search

QBall Digital uses Google AdWords for our Targeted Search advertising program. Targeted Search (Pay Per Click) means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad in the search engines.

Reputation Management

QBall Digital automatically keeps your business profiles on sites like Google, Bing and Yelp in sync and also notifies you of customer reviews.

Welcome to QBall Digital

A digital agency with the right solutions

At QBall Digital, we focus on the marketing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Digital Marketing is not only an important part of a marketing mix, it is the MOST important part of any marketing plan in 2019.

QBall Digital will provide a complete and free snapshot of your digital health. From the status of your website and organic search results to your digital advertising strategy and results. We can even compare what you're business is doing to what your competitors are doing. 

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